Android Release Notes

Version 1.8 Release Date: 07/02/2017


  • [MOB-103] – Crashes when cancelling jobs
  • [MOB-107] – Fix NullReferenceException in AndroidNetwork.NetWorkStatus
  • [MOB-108] – Fix NullReferenceException in MainJobFragment.HandleCancelRequest
  • [MOB-128] – Fix syncing data issues – purging, handling sync failures etc
  • [MOB-129] – Dont attach adhoc task to order if no adhoc task
  • [MOB-130] – Dont allow tasl completion without required timers
  • [MOB-133] – Change address for maps, doesnt always work.
  • [MOB-134] – Adhoc task timer attaching to wrong place, main order, not adhoc order
  • [MOB-138] – Sometimes a cancellation token is cancelled twice and crashes app
  • [MOB-139] – If no network when navigating back to task list, the view hangs in loading – force restart
  • [MOB-140] – Check jobs from server show in correct order in active and completed tasks lists


  • [MOB-136] – Android Bug Fixes, Business rules implementation and stability


  • [MOB-137] – Add dialog that displays update changes if an update has occurred


  • [MOB-127] – Move android app permissions to after login – fixes crash/backgrounding of app

Version 1.7.16115G Release Date: 22/11/2016


  • [MOB-78] – User signature not cleared between sessions/tasks/jobs
  • [MOB-80] – Images being appended to consecutive orders in Android
  • [MOB-87] – App Crash is null customer in OrderIndexModel
  • [MOB-88] – Information/Comments not diplaying in Job/Order screen


  • [MOB-81] – Ensure users cant use application without location services Android
  • [MOB-89] – Add UI action to inform user of swap tasks when swapping to running task.


  • [MOB-90] – Change Android Versioning. Need to make it easier to distinguish between the two
  • [MOB-91] – Make phone numbers in job information text box selectable and open phone dialer.

Version: 1.7.161104 Release Date: 13/11/2016

Bug Fixes

  • [MOB-61] – Experiencing crashes when logging in on Android 4.4.4
  • [MOB-65] – Can complete a job before all timers stopped
  • [MOB-67] – An address and customer bug since refactoring project
  • [MOB-72] – On First Installation – First Use, Change trucks gets set as Home instead of Tasks


  • [MOB-66] – Android 4.4 doesn’t come with google maps installed by default. Update error message for user
  • [MOB-69] – Allow user to focus on task with running timer from Toast notification stating timer is running
  • [MOB-70] – Provide users ability to quickly navigate to Tasks List view.

New Features

  • [MOB-68] – Allow users to open GoFreight from a notification
  • [MOB-71] – Allows users the ability to quickly report issues to MOGO Labs
  • [MOB-73] – Implement About dialog in app